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Cooler more windy conditions make for a typical Autumn type day

01/09/2013 17:18

A sudden change in weather conditions in our area brings big differences inbird sightings on our local patch.

A single Yellow Wagtail was on the circular holding tanks in the centre of Dewsbury sewage works this morning.Also on the nearby sprinkler beds some 86 Pied wagtails was a typical early autumn gathering for this site as was indeed a flock of some 90 Starlings feeding in front of the Office block.

A single Green Sandpiper was on the calder banks near the new metal road bridge and 3 Common Snipe were feeding on the lagoon near to Hotworks Mill.Small warblers were hard to find ut there are still at least 4 Comon Whitethroats on the Sewage works.18 Lapwings flew East at 09:45.Ducks are hard to count as they are coming and going all the time from other sites however there was at least 38 Teal and 1 female Pochard on the sewage works.18 Goldfinches are feeding on thistles just below the railway bridge on Millbank Thornhill.A single Great spotted Woodpecker flew south across the sewage works.There has been no evidence of woodpeckers breeding localy this year unlike previouse years.