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Cuckoo back in residence on local Sewage Works

12/07/2015 20:42

A Cuckoo has now been present in and out of the reed beds on Dewsbury Sewage works for three days.Up to the end of June there had been 10 singing male Reed warblers on this site but recently there remained just 3 singing birds.Presumably this must mean that at least 7 birds had managed to find partners and the other three are still in the proccess of trying to attract a mate.

The cuckoo has spent all of its time in the same bed and when flushed allways flies off in the direction of Pildacre Chickenley.

There are currently 58 Lapwings on this site but as yet only 1 Green Sandpiper.Hopefully recent rainy spells will have improved the muddy conditions on some of the beds and we can expect to see a few more wading birds.

Sightings of Mink are on the increase at the moment with the latest sighting being of a family of 8 animals crossing the car park at Kerries food factory.With the nearby Sand Martins now feeding youngsters in the burrows of their colony it is a great concern as Mink appear to have no problem accessing the burrows to kill both adult and young birds.