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Cuckoo spends all morning lurking amongst residents of Reed Warbler colony on Dewsbury Sewage Works

26/06/2012 13:29

A Cuckoo has spent a full morning lurking amongst the small colony of Reed Warblers on Dewsbury Sewage works today.First flushed at around 09:15 hours the bird immediately returned to the bed of mixed Phragmitese/Willow and as observed to be making its way through the bed finally emerging at around 12:15 hours when it flew towards the riverbank and perched silently in a large Beech Tree.

In spite of the recent flooding most of the nest sites for both Reed and Sedge Warbler appear to be intact.

A pair of Kingfishers are feeding young at a suitable location n the River Calder near Dewsbury this morning.Also it is godd to report that Oyster Catchers  have bred in Ravensthorpe rearing two young.