Its worth a visit

Cuckoos apparently systematcly visiting all Reed Warbler sites in my part of the Calder valley.

02/07/2014 19:50

2 Cuckoos appear to be spending time at at least 5 Reed Warbler sites both on Dewsbury Sewage Works and Kerries Reserve Ossett at the moment.

This morning a Cuckoo was in the central marshy area of kerries reserve calling from the large trees above the Northern edge of the Reserve.There are no more than 2 pairs of Reed Warblers here.

Further up the Valley near the new road bridge from saville Town to Earlsheaton a Cuckoo was present and was continualy returning to Reed beds at the Hotworks end of Dewsbury Sewage works.

There are now 18 young Coot on the works and 2 Little Grebe chicks as well as the recently produced 7 Tufted Duck ducklings.A Kingfisher is now feeding a youngster away from the nesting burrow near the Healy Road Ossett end of the calder

Also on Dewsbury Sewage works young Water Rails calling to the parent bird this morning in the centre of the works.