Its worth a visit

Day 3 after visiting El Torcal

22/09/2011 17:23

We decided to head back towards Rute in the early hours of the afternoon as we had not visited the Sewage Ponds that morning.

As we embarked from our cars a superb female Goshawk left the copse containing the Bee Hives and glided away slowly over the low scrub towards Rute centre.

12 Spottless Starlings were feeding in poplar trees on the edge of the first bed as were 8 Goldfinches(as with this counry we found Goldfinches to found in every type of habitat and were by far the commonest small passerine).

The first sewage bed with mud contained 8 Little Ringed Plover2 Green Sandpiper.2 Black winged Stilt and single Common Sandpiper.

5 Pallid swift were soaring over the ponds and a single Woodchat Shrike was on wires near the entrance.

After checking the sewage ponds we headed back to Virgen De La Sierra as I was keento try and get photographs of some of the small migrants which I had missed out on the previous day.

As the previous day there was good numbers of Stonechats on the steady climb up to the quarry site.This time on our first pull in we had 2 Thekla Larks, 5 Rock Sparrows 2 Winchats and single Woodchat.At least 74 Chough were circling the quarry but the quarry itself was a disapointment with no sign of the Darford Warler encountered the day before.

In the viewing area car park were 2 Bonellis warblers,14 Goldfinch and 4 Crossbills.We took our main break in the highest point viewing area were we encountered 6 Alpine Swifts,4 House Martins,4 Common Kestrels and 15 Bee eaters flying South East.

Griffin Vultures were not as much in evidence today though in the short time we stayed we counted 21 birds moving away to the South.

Once again today we found that birding was in general quite hard work.The land all seemed extremely dry with ver few small passerines of note.It was only when we got towards water of any kind that things seemed to improve.

With little time left we headed again for the river at Rio Azore and to try and get better views of the Eagle Owl as it left its daytime retreat.

After settin up comfortably on the road below the crag alas the bird as so often with this species failed to show.