Its worth a visit

Day 3 an early morning trip to El Torcal

22/09/2011 16:56

The journey to El Torca( Malaga Province) is one of the most beautifull and spectacular one is ever likely to experience.The town of Antequera itself is a very beatifull,picturesque and photogenic place with its castle and other historic buildings.

The road leading up to El Torcal is surrounded by high and spectacular and gets better the nearer one gets to the summit.There are variouse viewing points along the way and there is a very informative visitors centre in the summt car park.

One only has to walk a short distance from the car park to be amongst soaring raptors.

Griffin Vultures are passing at eye level though the first raptors we saw on our visit was 2 Honey Buzzards circling just left of the visitors centre.Secondly and from out of the blue appeared a Peregrine(noticeably smaller than the ones we are used to seeing back home).The Peregrine flew spectaculary and acrobatically before departing slowly to the South East.

Griffin Vultures were soaring past us all the time and were difficult to count but we estimated between 65 and 80 birds passed in the short time we were at the highest watch point.

Several Blue rock Thrushes were noted but noticeable was the good numbers of Black Redstarts present mainly aroud the carc park(about 25 birds in the car park itself).Some of these were in superb plumage with prominent white wing panels(difficult to photograph because of their constant desire to get underneath the parked cars out of the intense heat).

There was at least 8 Crag Martins hawking around the car park as well as some 14 House Martins.

2 Black Wheatears were on rocks above the car park.3 Sardinian,single Orphean and 2 Bonnelis Warblers were in the Clump edging the car park.

Allthough very spectacular El Torcal didnot come up with a lot of different bird species though what we saw was certainly worthwhile.