Its worth a visit

Easy Time Lodge.A great place to stay

19/11/2010 18:16

One is allways a little apprehensive when arriving at a new hostelry which they have never used before and this time was no exception.

Being only about fifteen minutes walk from the main tourist area of the Senna Gambia complex one could be forgiven for thining that this Lodge is a little too near the main tourist area to be comfortable.

In fact the opposite is the truth .

Once inside the Lodge complex one is warmly welcomed by the owner Jason who is at once friendly and engaging.

The lodge itself is immaculately kept with an excellent swimming pool and a super little bar which is well stocked with a good range of spirits,wines and of course Jul Brew beer.

The lodge itself is for people who are happy to self cater and there is an excellent shop about two minutes walk from the main entrance which can cater for all ones needs.The water is only 25 Dallasi for a large bottle and all the other essentials are stocked.

There are several eating places close to hand but for my taste Kamaras Bar which provides an excellent range of both native meals and other meat and fish dishes at very inexpensive rates eg between 100 and 200 Dallasi.Beer is 25 Dallasi a bottle.

The rooms at the lodge are both spacious and very clean with my room containing an excellent solid four poster bed.

See photo gallery for views of the lodge.