Its worth a visit


13/11/2014 17:03

ARRIVED AT tendaba camp last night expecting camp to be quiet and picking whatever room wanted.No chance we are fullybooked for 4 months I am told.You willhave toreturn to Lamin he says.

Luckily the manager appears and says seeing that you are a regular there is a room for you.Andwhat a room the best Iv ever had.

Birdwise Martial Eagle is breeding here for the first time ever.What a bird to have onsighThe birds are nesting on the edge of the National Park and have half grown young .The you gsters are been fed on Guinee Fowl and Double Spurred Francolin

I take a walkaroundthe old airport next morning andthe bbirding feels good.

8 African Grey Hornbills,18 Red Billed Hornbills,6 Fork Tailed Drongo,4 Black Wood Hoopoes, 5 Shikra,2 Little Weavers,6 Yellow Billed Shrikes,8 Abassinian Rollers,28  Long Tailed Glossy Starlings,5 Squacco Herons,1 African Darters, 1 Grasshopper Buzzard, 5 European Bee Eaters,7 Double Spurred Francolin,5 RingNECKED parakeet,4 Senegal Parrots, 5 Grey Headed Sparrows!.3 Greater Blue Eared GLOSSY starlings etc etc full list to follow.