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Evening in the Garden of Hotel Limbus 20/03/2011

01/04/2011 15:52

 After a good days birding it is nice to relax for an hour and watch the activity in the grounds of this and the next hotels gardens as the evening progresses.

There are 16 Yellow Billed Shrikes feeding in the area directly in front of my bedroom balcony.

These are quickly joined by 18 Green Wood Hoopoes with 8 Brown Babblers and 5 Black Capped Babblers.

 3 African Paradise Flycatchers are chasing one another in and out of the copse and a Blue Breasted Kingfisher entered the copse at 18:15 hours.

Overhead a single Broad Billed Roller and 2 Shikra are in display flight.4 Rose Ringed Parakeets and 3 Senegal Parrots continualy styream past my balcony .

I have never seen as many Plantain Eaters as I have on this trip and a large Fig tree at the bottom of the hotel compound has at least 20 of these birds feedin there tonight.I the same tree were 5 Beautifull Sunbirds and 9 Green wood Hoopoes.