Its worth a visit

Feeders begining to attract interesting visitors whilst Water Rails enjoy a succesfull breeding season nearby

01/10/2015 13:35

The bird feeders we have on private woodland in Ossett are begining to prove very worthwhile this week with the arrival of 3 interesting species.

Redpolls have decreased in numbers in recent years after an explosive increase in the 1980s.So it is good to see 8 Redpolls feeding on seed feeders this morning alomg with 10 Greenfinches.Greenfinches again a species which have recently declined for variouse reasons most noticeably because of a contagious disease have bred in a couple of sights in Ossett this year and our feeding birds have increased from 4 to 10 in the last week.

Another species which paid a suprise visit to our feeders yesterday was a lone Willow Tit easily picked out by its distinctive call as it approaches the feeders.This is our first record this year for this species this year.

We are very gratefull to Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club who kindly support us in the provision of bird food for all our feeders.Without their support keeping the feeders full would prove to be expensive as we have to refill them every couple of days or so.

Nearby on Dewsbury Sewage Works 2 Water Rail where showing well yesterday as they fed openly on one of the central lagoons.One of the birds was an obviouse juvenile bird still feeding alongside its parent.There was at one time 3 small young on this lagoon but it appears 2 of these must have perished.This area is ell patrolled by predators including Sparrow Hawks,foxes and mink as well as stoats and Weasels.

There was no sightings of Swallows this morning and now there are only 2 Chiff Chaffs still calling on Kerries Reserve Ossett