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Female Peregrine has difficult time trying for its main meal.

26/02/2017 10:25

Peregrine Falcons are now almost a daily sight in my area of the Calder valley and a female bird hunting Teal on the local sewage works yesterday had to cope with most amazing flight display from about 50 Teal ultimately bringing its hunting session to a frustrating end.The Teal used every trick in the book but most impressive of all was the way that they avoided flying out in to the open areas instead flying acrobaticaly along the small but quite sheltering hedgerows that straddle the works.The Peregrine not in the least put off by my prescence tried time and time again to force the ducks out in to the open but after 20 or so minutes climed away to the North West and just disapeared.

On the Calder at Saville Town yesterday 18 Widgeon,5 Shoveller and 18 Mallard.

A single Green Sandpiper is still on Dewsbury Sewage Works and 5 Band 2 females).5 Bullfinches are still frequenting the hedgerow below Runtlings(3 males and 2 females).2 Lapwings are frequenting the fields around Sands Lane playing fields and a single Kestrel is hunting daily around Kerries Food Factory just off Healy Road Ossett.