Its worth a visit

Firecrest makes brief appearence in the valley

14/01/2017 00:00

With the odd cold spell arriving over the last week it was no surprise to find all of my feeders empty on inspection this morning.After spending around 30 minutes refilling all the feeders I then retired further westwards towards Pildacre,Chickenley/Earlsheaton making notes of the several birds in the copse at the lower end of Runtlings,Ossett.Those present included 2 Tree Creepers,2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers,a female Sparrow Hawk circling above the copse,2 Goldcrest,8 Great Tits,10 Blue Tits,8 Chaffinch,3 Bullfinch,9 Goldfinch,10 Blackbirds,5 Song Thrushes 2 Mistle Thrushes and surprisingly 3 Chiff Chaff.

After visiting Dewsbury Sewage Works and noting present c158 Teal,18 Mallard,7 Shoveller,15 Widgeon and 2 Tufted Ducks as well as 5 Reed Buntings 2 calling Water Rails,,24 Moorhen and 3 Grey Herons..A single Green Sandpiper was on the cenrral filter beds and this flew off towards Saville Town alighting on the River Calder.

On returning to the copse I was surprised to findf the Chiff Chaff had increased to 5 birds and these where mixed in with a party of 10 Long Tailed Tits which where busily going from feeder to feeder.

Coming across another  what at first assumed to be Goldcrest I was stunned to observe the very distinctive facial pattern of a Firecrest as it came closer and decided to turn its head showing clearly its prominent supercilium and blackish stripe through the eye.

After several seconds the bird chased after the departing Long Tailed Tits which by now where feeding in low vegetation along with the 5 Chiff Chaff slowly moving towards the Sewage Works border fence.

Despite several attempts to locate the Firecrest it did not re appear and I can only hope it can find enough food to keep it in the area to make it to be re found later.

2 Goosander where on the River Calder at Earlsheaton.Around 47 Redwings wherein the hedgerow above Kerries Food Factory at 08:20.

The Black Redstart present in North Ossett Churchyard was still showing up to the 19th of January but it appears to be getting more difficult to approach and may be getting restless ready for moving on to another location.

2 Peregrine Falcons are still roosting nightly on North Ossett church tower.