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First Common Whitethroat back on site

17/04/2020 09:18

A Common Whitethroat is singing in the Hawthorn copse around the public footpath adjacent to the Kerries factory 2nd car park this morning.

At least 8 Willow Warblers are singing in the same area and 3 Blackcaps.A female Sparrow Hawk was hunting along the banks of the Calder around the footbridge that spans the river at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett and Kingfishers are now very active around the Mill Bank Thornhill area.

Herring Gulls are starting to increase on Dewsbury Sewage Works with 42 on the filter beds this morning with around 28 Black Headed Gulls.

Blackbirds and Song Thrushes appear to be doing well for numbers with the latter showing 3 nests at the moment all in the mud lining stage


Its good to see good numbers of Toads in some of the local ponds with the highest count so far in one pond hosting some 120 a point not missed by 2 Grey Herons which are frequenting the ponds at the present time.

A single Green Sandpiper was on the Mill Bank side of the Calder this morning along with 2 Grey Wagtails