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First Reed Warbler returns and Sand Martins descend in force to last years breeding site

18/04/2019 15:23

Yesterday saw the first Reed Warbler return to its breeding site on Dewsbury Sewage Works.The bird was singing at the Hotworks end of the works

There are now some 130 Sand martins present on Dewsbury Sewage Works with around 18 House Martins and 35 Swallows.Its nice to see about 30 Sand Martins excavating burrows at a new site.Last Winters weather has made several changes to the banks of the river Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury though last years Sand Martins site remains more or less the same.

Gulls on the works appear to have decreased particulay the Larger one with only around 35 Herring Gulls with some 600 Black Headed Gull still on the filter beds.

2 Shellduck are frequenting the Western end of the works and a single Grey Lag Goose came in from the South to the works at 09:15.

3 female Goosander are frequenting the river around the bottom of Healy Road Ossett.

10 Gadwall and 34 Teal are still present on Dewsbury Sewage Works and 4 adult Mute Swans are on the Calder at Saville Town.