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First Reed Warblers arrive on local sites

25/04/2018 11:49

The first of the local breeding Reed Warblers arrived back on their breeding site on Dewsbury Sewage Works yesterday with 3 singing males at different sites on the works.

The unusual showey conditions this morning brought good numbers of House Martins down to feed over the compost heaps below Pildacre fields with some 160 birds there this morning.

Elsewhere Common Whitethroats are continuing to appear with 3 singing males in Kerries copse as well as 3 more on the nearby sewage works.3 Singing Willow warblers are also on Kerries copse along with 4 singing Blackcaps.

It is good to report that there are now 5 breeding pairs of Common Buzzards in the Ossett area which people cannot fail to notice as they are continuosely displaying particulary noticeable along the M1 motorway towards Leeds and Wakefield.

A pair of Peregrines are still frequenting Dewsbury Town Hall  seand a recent photograph sent to me suggests the pair are allready at the egg laying stage.