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First Siskins of the Autumn on Millbank this morning

12/09/2012 14:35

There was 3 Siskins in the Hedgerow leading to the Thornhill Rectory Farm from Millbank this morining.Also in the same area large numbers of House Martins and Swallows gathering over the bottom of healy Road Ossett and steadily moving off Westwards.There was about 400 House martins and some 200 Swallows over the Industrial estate on the Healy Road bottoms and these were moving off up the calder Westwards in flocks of around 20 birds at a time.

Otherwise  it was very quiet birdwise this morning.There is a superb male Migrant Hawker Dragonly on the border of Dewsbury Sewage works at the moment but very few other species.(see Photo gallery)