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Freezing conditions bring an increase in small bird numbers

30/12/2014 22:34

What a difference Wintery conditions inflict on local Bird Life

In the fields around Lower Pildacre Chickenley some 140 Meadow Pipits  feeding together with some 9 Reed Buntings.Also in the same field 5 Common Snipe no doubt forced from their frozen Lagoon in order to find food.

Also in the small hedgerow bordering the same fields a single Chiff Chaff flitting tirelessly between the branches searching for something it can survive on.It is good news that the weather is about to go a little milder in the next few days making life for local birds a little easier.

On Dewsbury Sewage Works 220 (approx) Pied Wagtails spread across at least 5 filter beds along with 3 Grey Wagtails.Also on the filter beds single Green Sandpiper flushed from the only flooded filter bed unfrozen.Duck numbers pretty good in the valley with some 230 Teal on Dewsbury Sewage Works.Also hunting on the works both male and female Sparrow Hawk having a good time chasing the Pied Wagtails.

There is still at least 35 Common Snipe on a single bed on the sewage works in spite of the lagoon being frozen.

On the river Calder below Mill Bank Thornhill this morning 2 Little Grebes,8 Goldeneye,5 Goosander,8 Cormorants.

Titmice are still in short supply.There was only 3 Great Tits and 2 Blue Tits on Kerries feeders this morning.

There are some 340 Black Headed Gulls on Dewsbury Sewage works at the moment.