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From the Gambia Latest Black Bellied Bustard at Trujjerey on Tues 13th November

16/11/2012 01:50

A Black Bellied Bustard was flushed from a newly picked Ground Nut field at Trujjerey on Tuesday the 13th of November at 10:30 approx.The bird flew off to the west for about 200 yards before landing in long grass. and was not re located.Otherwise generally quiet for European migrants.Black Shouldered Kites posing well for the camera in the same location as was a party of 8 Long Tailed Glossy Starlings.3 Whistling Cisticola and 4 Black Crowned Tchagra.2 Purple Glossy Starlings,6 Blue Bellied Rollers,3 Senegal Coucal.A colony of 30 pairs of Buffalo Weavers,8 Little Bee Eaters,2 Double Spurred Francolins,27 Black Kites,3 Whistling Cisticola,2 Osprey.Butterflies were extremely plentifull in this location today and our photo gallery will be updated on our return.

A more detailed report will appear shortly.