Its worth a visit

Garganey make timely visit to Local Sewage Works

14/08/2018 23:18

It was nice to come across a pair of Garganey this morning in my part of the Calder Valley.2 birds male and female where on what is almost the only permanent lagoon on the sewage works at Dewsbury.Though its a private location the birds can easily be seen from the view point which overlooks the works linked by a short walk from Pildacre Hill.

Aso this morning 2 Little Egrets feeding together on the rivers southerly edge just below Mill Bank Thornhill.There are still 4 Green Sandpipers on the same stretch of river.

It is good to hear of breeding success for a pair of Common Buzzards at Thornhill.This makes breeding success localy to 3 pairs with 2 more pairs in the Ossett area.

A single Barn Owl was seen in the Pildacre fields area this morning.