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Local migrants still slow to emerge

12/04/2016 20:41

Apart from a single singing Blackcap and 3 singing Willow Warblers there still seems to be little sign of a great arrival yet of local summer visitors in this part of the calder valley.

Duck numbers are at last it seems decreasing as the head off to breed.There are now only 7 Shoveller and 5 Gadwall with 8 Teal on Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.

The Garganey I reported on the same site earlier in the week was on close examination not what it seemed.We get many strange ducks eminating from the local wildfowl collection in Healy Road and it would appear from my detailed photos that this is another such bird.As to its identity I have now no idea.The speculem was brown and there was a suggestion of asupercilium but it was just not right for a perfect female garganey.So far on the sewage works we have had Red Crested Pochard,Chilean Teal,Red Shoveller,Cooton Teal and Ruddy Shellduck all rare ducks in their own right but all proven to have originated rom this neglected collection just half a mile from my patch and perfectly placed for anything to enter the Aire calder river system.

Greenfinches are displaying around the security box at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett and a pair of Bullfinches are building a nest in the same area.

A Common Buzzard was sat in Hawthorn bushes at the bottom of Pildacre fields this morning