Its worth a visit

Getting back to business after a Horrible Year.

30/03/2021 21:46

It is nice to get back into the field proper after many false starts and not knowing what places are accessible with some places completely blocked off from the public for different reasons.

Some footpaths are still closed due possibly to too many members of the public walking with dogs  close to grazing cattle or other livestock. certainly i have never encountered so many dog walkers on my local patch which will hopefully rrecede once the lockdown starts to wind down.

Horbury junction has allways been a rewarding location in late march and early April particulary for early returning migrants such as Wheatears and Alba and Yellow Wagtails.Alas up to now these have failed to appear in that area.However it is nice to report that at least 4 Chiff Chaff are in full song at the bottom of Dudfleet lane Horbury.Though otherwise most of the area around Dudfleet Lane is quiet for small birds it is good to see good numbersof Wigeon on the nearby Horbury Wyke flash with about 140 birds present this morning with some 125 Canada Geese and around 18 Grey Lag Geese.

It is good to see 2 pairs of Common Buzzards displaying over Horbury Wyke in different locations

Further up river another pair of Common Buzzards are putting on a display over Hostingly Lane Thornhill.

Healy Road Ossett and the surrounding area also holds at least 8 singing Chiff Chaff on both sides of the river with 4 birds in full song

around Dewsbury Sewage Works.

6 Sand Martins are hawking around their usual riverside colony with more sure to be arriving any day.There are at least 2 pairs of Kingfishers showing regulary between Horbury and Ossett at the moment but small birds seem in short supply generaly.