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Good numbers of both Sylvia and Acrocephalus Warblers up the Calder valley around Dewsbury

06/07/2011 19:06

It appears that the annual build up of Warblers in the area between Dewsbury and Horbury bridge is commencing earlier than usual this year.

A walk up river from Horbury towards Dewsbury yesterday provided records of singing Sedge and Reed Warblers right up near the Sands Lane area.There was at least 6 singing Reed Warblers on Dewsbury Sewage works with 8 singing Sedge warblers.

Likewise Whitethroats have never been as numerous in the valley.With at least 8 pairs of Whitethroats breeding around the Thornhill Wetlands area successfully and 5 or 6 pairs breeding in the Poplar plantation above Dewsbury Sewage works as well as at least 7 pairs breeding on Mill Bank Thornhill the local population is very healthy indeed.

Like wise Phylloscopus Warblers are in god numbers in the same areas with near to 30 birds counted around Thornhill Wetlands Reserve this week.

Green Sandpipers appear not to have arrived back from their breeding grounds yet which is a concern as is the absence of numbers of Little Ringed Plovers which by this part of July start to gather on the Sewage works in family parties.

A Kestrel is feeding 2 young on the roofs of the Canal Basin Industrial Estate in Saville Town and a Cuckoo is still spending a great deal of time on the Thornhill Wetlands Reserve.

A Female Great Spotted Woodpecker is still paying visits to the feeders on Thornhill Wetlands Reserve with its youngster and there has been small parties of Greenfinch also visiting the same site.

Dragonflies have been a little thin on the ground on Thornhill Wetlands but a superb Broad Bodied Chaser was displaying on Kerries Reserve on Sunday Morning(see photo gallery).