Its worth a visit

Good to see Common Sandpiper making an appearence this morning

09/04/2021 11:05

A Common Sandpiper is frequenting the River Calder at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett this morning.The bird flew down river from about 400 yards from the footbridge over the River and landed for a few moments on the pebble beds oppositte the industrial complex before continuing downstream.

A Willow Warbler is in full song on the embankment oppositte kerry foods factory along with 3 singing Chiff Chaffs one of which is singing a part Willow Warbler andpart Chiff Chaff song.

Nearby 45 Sand Martins and 2 Swallows are feeding on the sewage Works at Dewsbury and 10 Sand Martins are frequenting the site of last years small colony.

A pair of Common Biuzzards and a pair of Sparrow Hawks are displaying over Mill Bank Thornhill despite the cold weather.

At least 4 singing Song thrushes and single Mistle thrushes are in full song around the Dewsbury sewage Works area but as yet no sign of the number of Herring gulls which appeared in such good numbers the previous year.A single Great spotted Woodpecker is drumming continualy in the line of trees on lower Pildacre Chickenley.

There are 4 pairs of Teal on the Calder around Saville Town and there are 6 paies of Goosander on the river between Horbury Junction and Earlsheaton.