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Goosanders breed again yards from the Town Centre

02/05/2017 19:43

A female Goosander with 8 youngsters is frequenting the River Calder below Earlsheaton just a few hundred yards from the Dewsbury Town Centre.This is the 4th succesive year this species has reared young on this part of the river Calder 

There are also 2 Shellduck and 3 pairs of Gadwall in the same area at the moment and it is hoped they too will yieldsimilar results in the coming weeks.

A Lesser Whitethroat is singing this morning near the security gate at the entrance to Kerries Food factory almost exactly at the same spot as it sang last year.These birds have a tendancy to spend around 2 weeks in this area but then move on to breed further up the Calder Valley.

Reed Warblers are begining to occupy their regular breeding spots on and around the sewage works below Pildacre and there are now 7 singing males in suitable habitat around that area.

It is good to report that there are still regular sightings of Barn Owl around the fields below Thornhill and the Healy Road area of Ossett and we hope that for once we can have ab happy ending if these birds are able to breed i n the area.

Sand Martins are looking like their numbers are well up on the previouse year so far but not so the House Martins whose loal breeding spots are as yet very quiet with many of their favoured houses still without returning birds.Sedge Warblers also absent from   most of theor usual breeding spots in this part of the valley but it is hope late arrivals will soon appear.