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Great Read Warbler still present but difficult to coax out in to view

02/06/2019 11:45

The Great Reed Warbler found on Dewsbury Sewage Works over a week ago is still present though in contrast to its behavour when first discovered it has now become less vocal and very rarely comes away from the dense bush it has chosen to deliver its distinctive song .


There are now 15 pairs of Reed Warblers on the site with 2 singing Sedge Warblers alongside 5 pairs of Common Whitethroats.There are still 7 very healthy looking Shellduck ducklings being very closely watched by their parents.

A Red Kite was gliding along the main Wakefield Road in Morley on Friday afternoon and Peregrines have been noted on both Dewsbury Town Hall and North Ossett Church this week though it looks like the Ossett birds be of the same sex.