Its worth a visit

Great Reed Warbler appears for the first time in our area this morning.A great find.

23/05/2019 22:39

A Great Reed Warbler was singing on Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.At first i thought this was the same bird which had been present at Wintersett for a few days but this proved not to be the case.

There is some 15 pairs of Reed Warblers breeding on Dewsbury Sewage Works and this morning I was there purely to monitor this population.My surprise at hearing what is an unmistakeable strong and loud song was something of a shock but on playing  back a tape of the great reed Warbler song on a tape caused the bird to come close and I was able to photograph it.

Access to see this bird is not easy as this is a private site with strict health and safety regulations.At the very least visitors are expected to wear a high vis vest and in some circumstances also a hard hat.Entry to the site has been difficult even for myself after al least 50 years studying the site

For those able to gain access head for the central reed beds at the Western end of the works and look for the sign on the metal fence which reads Morgan Stanley .The bird is present to the left of the fence on the central Reed Bed.