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Great Reed Warbler no longer on site

11/06/2019 10:47

The Great Reed Warbler that appeared on Dewsbury Sewage Works some while ago was not present yesterday morning and one must assume the bird has moved on.

Apparently a Great Reed Warbler has appeared down river at Pugneys and one must assume this is the same bird.

Meanwhile the local brood of what was 7 Shellduck have decreased down to 3 birds and one must assume that predators have taken their toll.Finding mink droppings has been on the increase and as they are exclusively resident on the same lagoon and do not venture on to land Mink look the most likely culprits.

Meanwhile Common Buzzards have been actively displaying over the last few days  with birds over Mill Bank Thornhill,Earlsheaton,Ossett and Gawthorpe and Dacre Lane Wakefield.

Peregrines are showing well around Dewsbury Town Centre and around North Ossett Church though it appears at the moment they are non breeding birds feeding on the local pigeons which are a very healthy population at the moment.

Generaly speaking our local numbers of breeding birds is somewhat disapointing with numbers of Sand Martins down on the Calder to around 35 pairs and as yet there has been no significant gatherings of Hirrundines as in previouse years though breeding numbers of Swallows have increased on the Windsor housing estate to 5 pairs and House Martins are nesting at variouse locations on the estate.

3 pairs of Sedge Warblers are present on lower Pildacre Ossett ans there are now 15 pairs of Reed Warblers on Dewsbury Sewage Works.

The local Barn Owls are now feeding youngsters and Little Owls are again breeding at Shaw Cross and there where 2 Kestrels hunting around the Saville Town ares of Dewsbury yesterday.