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Green Sandpipers and Oyster Catchers call in at local spot

07/07/2016 20:54

6  Oyster Catchers where flying noisily  up and down our part of the  Calder Valley this morning.What appeared to be a passing by party of 4 birds where over the Willow plantations below Millbank Thornhill and a further 2 birds where on Dewsbury Sewage Works.

Also in the same part of the valley 4 Green Sandpipers (3 on the Calder near Saville Town and 1 on Dewsbury Sewage Works).

A Common Whitethroat is still incubating 4 eggs on Kerries Reserve whilst a further 3 pairs are feeding young on the wing.A pair of Bullfinch are also feeding 2 young on the wing just below Pildacre fields Chickenley.