Its worth a visit

Green Sandpipers return and an unusual visitor caught blocking the path

31/07/2018 22:33

Its good to see 3 Green Sandpipers on andd around the river Calder near Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.With so many of our local lagoons dried up at the moment its good tthat the Calder provides such an ideal feeding ground for these delightful wading birds.

Most of the local breeding birds appear to have finished their season with what appears to have been a very successfull one particulary small birds like warblers and titmice.

A shock find this morning at Ossett was a Common Grasss Snake blocking my path to my hide as it lay enjoying the sunshine.Its many years since i saw a Grass Snake localy.This one was just over 2 feet long and beautifully marked luckily i was able to get a pictture of it before it slid off into the undergrowth.

It was nice to watch 2 Common Buzzards displaying so spectaculary over Healy Road Ossett this morning.

Its great to have such a great nature Reserve such as St Aidens RSPB at Swillington Leeds close by.Being not far off the motorways M1 ad M62 its not a long journey to get there and the on site RSPB staff are most helpfull with whatever you require or want to know.Im spending more and more time there only yesterday I was there lucky enough to see 3 Spoonbills and a single flying Bittern all in the space of one hour.If you dont have binoculars its possible to hire a pair for just £3.00