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Green Sandpipers return to our stretch of the Calder

14/07/2011 18:29

A Green Sandpiper was present on the River Calder this morning and was spending its time on the mud fringes of the river between the Hotworks stretch and the Dewsbury Sewage Works border fence This is rather a late arrival this tear as the birds are usualy present at the end of June and usualy accompanied with at least 1 young bird.Hopefully more will arrive in due course.

there is a brood of young wrens (4 young birds) being fed on the wing on the Thornhill Wetlands Reserve.

Elsewhere on Dewsbury Sewage works a new brood of 8 young Mallard chicks on the Calder and a flock of 42 Lapwing present.

No sign of Little Ringed Plovers which have allways being present at this time in previouse years,but two pairs of Reed Buntings feeding young birds on the works.A Moorhen is sat on a nest at Kerries Food Factory after succesfully rearing four chicks last month.

All feeding Titmice,Phylloscupus Warblers and Sylvia warblers have moved on to the Giant Hogweed plants on the Banks of the river with good numbers of Long Tailed Tits(24) Blue Tits(35 between Hotworks and Kerries Food factory and Phylloscs (22 between Kerries and the Hotworks boder fence.

There are 2 singing male Yellow Buntings on Dewsbury Sewage Works but very little else in small birds.

8 Lesser Black Backed Gulls flew Easter in the hour I was on Kerries Reserve this morning