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High river level takes its toll

21/11/2019 13:22

The amount of litter,rubbish and garbage scattered along the banks of the calder around The Saville Town,Mill Bank Thornhill area gives testimony to theamount of river water spilled over from the persistant rainfall over the last few weeks.

This has a direct bearing on the amount of Wildfowl able to feed on the calder when the water level is so high.

Out of 15 Cormorants where this morning sat high in overhanging trees with a single bird diving mostly in vien trying to catch food.

11 Goldeneye (6 female 5 males) perhaps better equiped to cope with the high level of waterappear to be doing well.

5 Goosanders are present just below Earlsheaton with 2 Gadwall and 19 Mallard.

41 Canada Geese are feeding on the riverbank oppositte the old gas works site but no sign this morning of any Little Egrets on the Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury.