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Hippo attacks in Nianija District

05/06/2010 19:05

The following news story was published in the Gambia News on the 30th of April.

The Gambias minister of Forestry and the environment,HonJato Sillah has promised thepeople of Bakadaji in Nianija district of the Central River Region that the government under the leadership of his excellency Sheik Prof Dr Alh Jammeh has heard their cry on the incessant attack of Hippopotamus on rice farms in the area and other places and that a solution would soon be proffered.

The minister said this during his nationwide tour of forest recourses at the Bakadaji Forest Station in Nianija while responding to a complaint raised by the one Sarjo Sillah of Bakadaji who said the local people are encountering huge losses in their womens rice fields due to Hippopotamus attacks.Sarjo Sillah further appealed to the Minister and the Goverment to help them address the issue.

responding to the complaint Hon.Jato Sillah said the goverment is aware of the problem of Hippopotamus invading the rice fields within the country.

According to him the president is genuinely concerned about this and the cabinet has discussed the issue.He then said that the issue would soon be addressed.