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Hobby over Thornhill Millbank plus 2 Cuckoos again on sewage works

25/06/2014 14:02

a Hobby  was chasing Sand Martins over Mill Bank Thornhill this morning at 11:22.The Hobby stayed cfor about 20 minutes

 11:22 before flying off Eastwards at speed

also on Dewsbury Sewage works 2 Cuckoos in attendance around our main Reed Warbler breeding colony.A Common Tern flew Easterly through the works at 15:30.

Some 120 Jackdaws are now frequenting the works with a large proportion of theae being youngsters.Also the first juvenile Black Headed Gulls appeared on the sewage works today.

There are now 2 pairs of Little Grebes on Dewsbury Sewage works.1 has bred raising 1 chick and the other has been displaying daily.