Its worth a visit

Hobby,Peregrine and Little Owl all in space of around twenty minutes

12/06/2011 18:57

The arrival of Southerly winds yesterday was a welcome release from the persistant South Westerly and Westerly trend we have had over the last few weeks.

A walk around the Thornhill Wetlands area of Dewsbury proved what we had suspected.The recent run of dry weather has proved very beneficial to a lot of breeding birds in our area in particular ground nesting species and warblers.

Whitethroats in particular seem more numerous than I can remember with 5 pairs feeding young on Kerries reserve at the moment and a further 4 pairs also feeding young on Dewsbury Sewage works.3 pairs of Blackcaps are also feeding young o Kerries Reserve along with both Chiff Chaff and Willow Warbler.In the area above the Sewage works there are around another 8 pairs of Whitethroats breeding with another 2 pairs of Blackcaps.

One of the most satisfying experiences nowadays in this area is the almost daily sightings of Peregrines hunting in the valley.The great abundance of Wood Pigeons and Carrion Crows(around 140 of the latter at the moment on the Mill Bank and Sewage Works area) provides food a plenty for the species.

Good numbers of Hirrundines and Common Swifts in the valley are no doubt the reason for the sighting of a Hobby yesterday flying low Westerly over the Calder towards Earlsheaton (just 20 minutes after a peregrine had taken the same route).Hobbies are not seen regularly enough in our area but the increase in Hirrundine numbers and also the abundance of Dragonflies in the area could mean more sightings in the future.

A Little Owl seems to have taken up residence around the copse at Kerries Reserve and we are hoping its appearance might signal its intention to breed on or close to the reserve.We have several nesting boxes in the areaand we are hoping that when we next inspect the boxes one will be occupied by this species(see photogallery).

A Tawny Owl has been seen on Kerries Reserve every day during the last 10 days or so and it hoped this could signify the prescence of the youngster found around three weeks ago but not sighted since that time.