Its worth a visit

Horbury Wyke a neglected area

12/04/2012 17:22

Yesterday the 11th of April it was decided to pay a visit to Horbury Wyke.This is an area that has promised much over the years but never realy being a regular good spot for birding.

It was a lovely sunny day though the fresh South Westerly wind was cool and many birds apparently preffered to keep their heads well and truly down.

Approaching from the Quarry Inn entrance one gets a good elevated view of most of the Wyke and today was exceptionaly clear and bright so little in the air could be missed.

A total of some 6 Chiff Chaffs were singing mainly inthe first part of our walk which ws much more wooded than the rest of the Wyke.ASlso 2c Blackcaps were also singing around the disused railway bridge area.

Apart from these Spring migrants were very scarce  with only 4 Swallows passing up river around 11:15 hours.5 Cormorants went Westwards following the river at regular intervals.

There was 2 Oyster catchers on the main marsh area near the Iron Railway bridge which also contained 5 Teal and a single Heron.

2 Sparrow Hawks were displaying very noisely in ariel display above the main railway bridge and there was a single Kestrel above the main marsh.

Apart from the Teal only mallard were present in any number with just 14 birds recorded mainly on the river towards Horbury junction.

Small birds were noticeably absent this morning with no sign of the Wheatear present 2 days before in Addingford Lane.

Elsewhere on Tuesday there are still some 38 Teal on Dewsbury Sewage works with some 22 Snipe flushed.4 Swallows are still hawking around the compost heaps but all the Meadow Pipits have passed through.A single Goosander female and Green Sandpiper are on he Calder near Earlsheaton.Again there are 2 Chiff Chaff singing on Thornhill Wetlands with also 2 Blackcaps.