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House Martins out in force this morning

12/05/2015 06:13

A flock of about 650 House Martins together with around 300 Sand martins and some 120 Swallows where hawking around the compost heaps at the bottom of Pildacre fields Chickenley this morning.Also mixed amongst these birds some 45 Swifts.This coincides with a marked increase in production in the storing of compost material at this site .

Also nearby on Dewsbury Sewage Works now some 68 male Mallard with only around 12 female birds,9 Gadwall,24 Tufted ducks and 2 Shoveller.

4 Reed warbler males are singing on the site along with 3 singing Sedge warblers and 4 Whitethroats.No sign of the Cuckoo observed on this site last week and thing still appear to be a little quiet.