Its worth a visit

Its amazing what difference occurs in a few days at this time of year

08/10/2013 13:12

A party of 12 Mistle Thrushes are frequenting the fields at the bottom of Healy road Ossett.Nearby on Dewsbury Sewage Works Teal numbers have swelled to 88.Newly arrived are 11 Widgeon this morning feeding on the bed alongsides Hotworks Mill.A single Shoveller is on the same location.Also on the Sewage works this morning single Chiff Chaff and 4 Grey Herons alongside 6 Cormorants.25 Mallard and a single Goosander are also on the River Calder this morning.

2 Grey Wagtails were feeding on the filter beds on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning.

Nearby on Kerries Reserve 4 Goldfinched 3 Chaffinches a single male Bullfinch,3 Chaffinch,3 Great tit and 4 Blue Tits where on the feeders this morning.a single Chiff Chaff was on the reserve.2 Reed Buntings where also on the Reserve.

There are 2 Green Sandpipers in the area.1 on the Calder near Kerries Reserve and the other on Dewsbury sewage works.