Its worth a visit

Its that time of year again.

14/03/2020 09:47

Its nice to hear of some Summer visitors arriving on the South Coast this last week.Allready there have been sightins of Sand martins at Fairburn Ings and reports of Wheatears at varius locationswith a single Swallow also sighted

Horbury Junction and particulary the boggy fields at the bottom of Dudfleet Lane are particulay good sites for finding early Wheatears and Wagtails.There are horses grazing in several fields stirring up the ground and attracting many flying insects providing a small feast for ground feeding birds such as Thrushes.

Over the last couple of mornings although no migrants yet there has been 5 Redwing,4 Mistle Thrushes,8 Blackbirds and 2 Grey Partridges feeding in and amongst the Horses and surely any day now thew first Wheatears and White Wagtails are going to appear.

Across the river on Millfield Lagoon there are 2 Oyster Catchers 132 Canada Geese,34 Teal and 5 Grey Herons

Around the Ossett area there are 2 Chiff Chaff in full song on the public footpath that borders Kerries food factory at the bottom of Healy Lane and at least 5 singing Song Trushes in the same area.Save the 350 or so Black Headed Gulls and 12 Gadwall on Dewsbury Sewage Works that site remains fairly quiet though it is good to see some of the beds holding a good amount of water again.