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Jack Snipe an unusual record this morning

16/04/2017 11:17

A Jack Snipe was flushed at the Westernmost end of Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.This is an unusual record for this site at this time of year.It is good to hear that 2 Barn Owls where hunting just below Earlsheaton the previouse evening hopefully they will breed in the area this year.2 Shellducks are still prospecting around the Saville Town area.These have been present now for about 2 weeks and as with the Barn Owls it is hoped that soon they will be seen on the Calder proudly showing off a healthy brood of Ducklings.

On Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning still 42 Teal ,8 Gadwall and 18 Mallard and 8 Canada Geese.All the Canada Goose nests have been predated so far but hopefully they will find a more secure Fox free area to build their nests and so have more luck next time.

There is still only 1 singing Reed Warbler returned to the local colony sites but there is now 6 singing Willow Warblers,5 singing Chiff Chaffs and 2 singing Blackcaps all around the Ossett /Chickenley and Earlseaton part of the valley.

A Green Woodpecker has been calling most of the week in the hedgerows around Healy Road Ossett.Presumably the bird is trying to attract a mate.These birds have not bred in the area for several years.A single Kestrel has been hunting the fields at Sands Lane all week and it is good to hear at least one pair are nesting in our part of the Calder Valley.