Its worth a visit

Jack Snipe on Dewsbury Sewage Works today.

03/10/2012 22:56

A Jack Snipe was flushed from a path on Dewsbury Sewage Works today.Also 43 Common Snipe were all new birds with only single figure numbers seen in previouse days.

Also over the Sewage works at Dewsbury 6 Common Buzzards plus a single bird calling from the copse adjacent to Kerries Foods factory on Healy Road Ossett.

A single Buzzard over Mill Bank Thornhill appeared to be significantly larger with a longer winged appearence and a very pale head but more detailed  details were difficult to obtain as the bird was being mobbed by around 35 Jackdaws.

3 Chiff Chaff were in Kerries copse but generally small birs were thin on the ground today.

2 Shoveller were on Dewsbury Sewage works this afternoon with a single Sparrow Hawk male.Again there was no Hirrundines in our part of the valley.