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Jack Snipe on Dewsbury Sewage works

05/11/2013 03:16

A Jack Snipe was flushed from the path adjacent to the central old sewage beds at 15:20 this afternoon.The bird flushed and landed immediately into the centre of the main central bed.There where 170 jackdaws on Dewsbury Sewage Works yesterday afternoon with around 42 Carrion Crows.

2 Common Buzzards are frequenting Austingley Lane between Horbury Bridge and Thornhill Rectory Park.The birds can be seen flying in the fields just above Austingley Lane Farm daily.

retty quiet localy with the River Calder at a fairly high level.Very few Ducks present on Dewsbury Sewage Works.

A skein of Pink Footed Geese passed low over Windsor Road Shaw cross at 18:20 approx last night.The flock where overhead for about 2 minutes and was probably around 200 in number.