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Kotu Creek 2010-11-10 A trip to photograph some local species

09/12/2010 15:24

My guide was tied up in a meeting with WABSA this morning so I had the opportunity to wander around Kotu looking for photo opportunities.

There was 3 Broad Billed Rollers sat on the wires near the bridge and these were in excellent plumage and relatively easy to approach.Also in the sane area was a very livelely Copper Sunbird which proved a much more difficult proposition.Yellow Crowned Gonoleks were calling in at least three locations and with the help of my i pod I soon had 3 very brightly coloured birds making enquiries(see photo gallery.Also a very inquisitive Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird proved a good challenge and this turned out to be more rewarding.

As mentioned earlier in the trip insects were especially impressive on this trip particulary Dragonflies and Butterfies.These (particulary the latter) are not the easiest of subjects to photograph and identification of some of the dragonflies remains a difficult hurdle.Anyone with any knowledge on this subject looking at my photogallery and knowing their ids would be most welcome to comment.

4 Senegal Coucals were in the mangrove bushes along with 5 Little Bee Eaters,2 Laughingc Doves and 3 Red Eyed Doves.a single Squacco Heron was easy to approach and gave very good views.

2 Woodland Kingfishers were in bushes behind Badala Park Hotel along with single Shikra,3 Beautifull Sunbirds 2 Variable Sunbirds,several Senegal Coucal and around 22 Red Billed Firefinches(one collecting nesting material) and 17 Bronze Winged Mannikins.2 African Jacana were on the first pond on the left of Badala and several Green Wood Hoopoes were in bushes around Churchills Bar.Several Hammerkops were also around Badala.16 Hooded Vulturs were over Badala with 2 African Harrier Hawks.