Its worth a visit

Laguna de Zonar (afternoon trip on Wednesday 7th of September.

24/09/2011 14:45

As with most of the visitor centres we visited during this trip the visitor centre at Laguna de Zonar was in the process of closing just as we arrived though we were just allowed in for the quick purchase ofa car sticker.

This is the largest of the Cordoba lagoons and is quite picturesque the lake being surrounded by vineyards and Tamerisk fringed fields.

The biggest problem with the Reserve/Lagunas we encounterd was the question of access.For most of the site you are kept well away from the waters edge and in most places you are looking at birds from a minimum distance of about 300 yards.There are signs warning birders of the consequences of wandering on to the reserve so m,ost of the birding is done from wooden hides of which there are not enough.

The first birds into the book was a good flock of around 400 Lesser Black Backed Gulls all sitting very relaxed in the centre of the lagoon.

2 White Headed Duck were at the Southerly end of the lagoon and there was 5 Great crested grebes amongst the Gulls.There was small nubers of other ducks with 6 Gadwall,5 Common Pochard and 8 Mallard.

2 Marsh Harriers were hawking at both ends of the lagoon and a single Common Kestrel was hovering over the visitor centre.

3 grey herons were fishing on the fringes of the reserve.

A brief walk towards the main hide producd single Bonellis warbler and Chiff Chaff and a lone Pied Flycatcher was feeding in the main Hedge.

A single Southern Grey Shrike was hunting from a lone gate post on the first ploughed field

We found it impossible to find access to the main hide and assumed it was for private use only.

We found this site extremely disapointing both for access and for the number of birds.Unfortunately we arrived in the middle of the afternoon when it was at its hottest  and when bird activity was at its lowest.