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17/08/2011 17:47

It seems to have been ages since there was anything of any real significance to report in our area.The Autumn seems to be approaching at a snails pace and apart from a few late Summer feedin flocks of Finches in the last couple of weeks very little seems to have changed.

It was nice to come across a nice male Yellow Wagtail feeding in the field which runs parrellel to Healy Lane this morning.

Just recently the stream which runs down the field has been cleaned out and tidied up and the increase in birds feeding there over the last week or so is remarkable.

The Yellow Wagtail is feding with a small party of Pied Wagtails and is watcheable from the bus stop at the bottom of Healy Road.

The first Teal of the Autumn arrived on Dewsbury Sewage Works yesterday with 4 birds frequenting the only lagoon on the site.Around 42 Lapwings are now on this site and are spending all of their time around the circular tanks in between the old and new works.

There are now 2 Green Sandpipers(a single Common Sandpiper was recorded on Monday the 15th oppositte Kerries) on the river around the Earlsheaton area.Both these birds are adults and this is the first time this species as returned without a young bird for company and we must assume they have failed to breed successfully.

Reed Buntings appear to have had a good breeding season with 2 pairs both feeding young on the wing(3 young each)on the Sewage works)2 pairs of Reed Buntings have bred on Kerries Reserve and have also reared 2 and 3 young respectively.

Warbler numbers sil havent quite got going thogh here was around 15 Phylloscs on Kerries Reserve this morning with around 10 Chiff Chaff and 5 Willow Warblers (one of which was in full song .Whitethroat numbers ae also down with most birds appearing to have dispersed early after a very successfull breeding season.

House Martins seem to be dominating the figures on the sprinkler beds this week wwith up to 200 birds on Monday the 15th with 8 Common swifts and arouind 35 Swallows for company.