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15/03/2011 20:10

Where have all the Mwadow Pipits gone.Normally at this time of the year we experience a steady passage of Meadow Pipits through the Calder Valley as they pass through the sewage works passing North West through Earlsheaton and beyond towards their breeding grounds.So far this Spring I have had all my work cut out to find any birds at all.

Pied Wagtails with whom the birds feed with on the works dont seem to have the same problems as there has been 55 to 60 birds feeding on the wors most days.

There is at least 4 pairs of Goosanders on the river between Dewsbury and Ossett and the way they are behaving it looks as though they are intent on breeding this year.There is still a pair of Little grebes also on the river near the Hotwors Mill.

On the sewage works this morning there was 3 Oyster Catcher 2 of which were displaying constantly.There is still a sigle Redshank on the river in the same area but most of the ducks have now departed apart from Teal which still number around 50 birds on the sewage works.

On the Thornhill Wetlands reserve al the Titmice are in territory around their boxes and it is looking good for the coming season with around 10 pairs of blue Tits and possibly 5/6 pairs of Great Tits.

I was hoping the Little ringed lovers might have returned tothe works as some birds have allready been seen in North Yorkshire and also in the South of England.Our birds usualy appear a day or so after appearing in South Yorkshire at either PenningtonFlash or the Old Moor reserve.

There is still around 8 Common Snipe on the Sewage Works and also 3 pairs of Reed Buntings are holding territory in the old part of the works.

Crow numbers on the works and on Thornhill Wetlands are still on the high side and I have found several Wood Pigeon eggs on the ground newly eaten.