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Leaflove a nice first bird to see after I finished unpacking at my digs

21/03/2013 13:41

Arrived in thecGambia around 14:30 yesterday afternoon.What a nice feeling when you step off the plane and feel all that lovely sunshine and heat.

The Wind is coming from the North so there is a nice cooling breeze.As usual the sky is full of Hooded Vultures and Black kites so I am looking forwards to dispatching some of my sightings on this website over the next 2 weeks.The first sighting from my digs is that of a Leaflove chasing off 2 Red Eyed Doves very aggressiveley from a large Acacia bush no doubt near to its nesting site .There are several Brown Babblers in the Garden and 2 Beautiful Sunbirds on the washing lines.A Yellow Crowned Gonolek is calling from a nearby bush and a Shikra is circling overhead.Its nice not to be working.


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