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Little Crake at Marakissa the highlight of our latest trip

24/02/2012 08:09

In the early evening of the 20th of February after a short walk around the bridge area near the Lodge at marakissa I returned towards the lodge briefly diverting to the right hand side od the bridge to have a quick look on the rice fields.To my surprise there was 5 Black crakes feeding on a small pond as I first came to the rice fields.

Also there ws a small crake buisily feeding away from the Black Crakes which immediately got my attention.The bird was much smaller than either Water rail or spotted crake and had a short bill with a very noticeable dark tip.My initial thoughts were of either Little or Baillons crake both species which I have seen before but not too often.

I knew the lower flanks were of importance in identifying both species and this bird showed no obvious contrasting streaking but had light whitish streaks which I knew was diagnostic of Little crake.

As the time was after 18:00 hours the light was not very good and I tried with a minimal amount of success to get some decent confirming photographs of the bird.

One main problem was that every time the bird cam,e cl;ose to any area of reed the Black crakes would immediately appear and chase my bird away.

The bird was still feeding at 18:45 hours by which time the light was just about dead.However when I searched for the bird early the next morning it had reappeared to the left of the area it was feeding the previous evening.See Photogallery for best results.