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Little Egret returns and Gulls continue to build.

08/04/2019 20:16

A Little Egret has returned to feed on the River Calder below Mill Bank Thornhill.The bird was feeding almost directly below Thornhill Cricket Club this morning keeping company with the single Green Sandpiper which has been feeding in the same part of the river for several weeks now

2 Shellduck where in display flight over lower Pildacre and there are still 48 Teal on Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 8 Shoveller(4 pairs) and 6 Gadwall (3 pairs.

3 pairs of Goosanders are occupying the Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury and a count of 24 Mallard(10 pair and 4 extra males)

3 pairs of Reed Buntings are building nests on Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 2 Chiff Chaff.

There are 3 seperate Song Thrushes sitting on eggs in lower Pildacre with a further 2 in the proccess of nest building.

2 pairs of Sparrow Hawks are busy displaying both over Thornhill and Cickenley and 2 pairs of Common Buzzards where in flight above Earlsheaton and Ossett by lunchtime.

Gull numbers on Dewsbury Sewage Works where well over a Thousand this morning with a rough count estimating around 700 Black Headed,4 Common Gulls at least 280 Herring Gulls and around a Hundred Lesser Black Backs