Its worth a visit

Little Egret returns to my part of the Calder.

21/04/2021 07:57

A Little Egret was feeding on a pebble bed on the Calder at Ossett yesterday.Its the first time in almost a year one was seen here and hopefully it will stay around and be joined by a second bird  as in previous years.

On a rather cold and grey day bird song was much subdued though there was still 3 singing Willow Warblers,4 Chiff Chaff and good numbers of Hirrundines


Dewsbury seewage works was hosting a good number of Swallows and Sand Martins but still no House Martins and on one occassion some 40 Swallows where perched on one sprinkler cable.

Small birds seem in short supply on the works with no Wagtails or Pipits present and virtualy no Gulls.

Duck numbers now are decreasing with just a single pair of Gadwall and 4 Teal.There are 3 pairs of Goosander between Ossett and Dewsbury along with 4 Cormorants.