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Little Egrets within yards of Town Centre

05/08/2018 08:45

Little Egrets are slowly but surely establishing a foothold on the banks of the River Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury and can now be observed in riverside bushes and on the river edge within yards of Dewsbury Town centre.It seems now only a matter of time till we record our first breeding record of this species in our local area.

There are now 3 Green Sandpipers on the rivers eddge in the Mill bank/Earlsheaton area and 2 broods of what are now half grown Goosanders.There are 3 broods of Pied Wagtails and 2 broods of Grey Wagtails on the filter beds of Dewsbury Sewage works being fed on the wing.

Sand Martin breeding on our stretch of the calder has been a great success thiss Summer with around 30 pairs of birds rearing around 60 chicks and another 12 pairs still feeding large young at the entrance to nesting burrows.Likewise at least 1 pair out of 2 local Kingfishers have reared 2 young and are now spending much of the time on the canal sside of the valley.